I recently submitted a panel of dog portraits to the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and was delighted that they awarded me with a licentiate qualification.

I do love doing my pet portraiture and in particular I love the dog portraits. I’m looking forward to the summer months that remain and also the early autumn where people typically love to have their dog portraits done.

I like to apply the same degree of attention and the whole approach of creating classic portraiture to dogs as to people, after all they are also loved family members and bring so much joy and fun into our lives. Dogs love the experience and so do the humans – having a dog portrait session is great fun. I particularly like to combine the classic studio portrait shoot with the out doors ‘country living’ social photography with the doggy family members, everybody always have a great time.

If you are considering having a dog or any other pet portrait done, or if you would just like a chat about your ideas, give me a call, I’d love to chat with you.

Often people think they’d like to have a portrait of their beloved pet done but worry that they wont behave or sit still for the portrait to be done – you really shouldn’t worry about this, they never sit still, they are excited and having fun and this is exactly what you want. Its up to the photographer’s skill to photograph your pet. I’m lucky in that I have an affinity with animals, especially dogs, we always get on well with each other and therefore we always get great results. Have a look at some of my dog portraits on my website, Instagram and face book – none of these beautiful doggy models sat still patiently for me to get the image, they were all having fun in their individual way.

If you want great pict

ures of your pets, let them be themselves and just be there with your camera – Have fun.

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