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People Watching in Turin

I was recently in Turin, Italy working on a project when I unexpectedly received a free half day. This was a nice little surprise, so I took full advantage and filled my time strolling around the city centre – camera in hand – people watching in Turin.... read more

Published Article – “Trevor’s Story”

A little while ago I posted a brief blog on Trevor’s Story. At the time I mentioned that I would follow with the full story. I am doubly pleased to do this now as the story and my images have been published in Your Dog magazine November issue and is about to hit... read more

The weird and wonderful Mr. Hedgehog

Hi and welcome to my short blog about the weird but wonderful hedgehog. I really love hedgehogs, they are such an unusual looking little creature, not easy to hold or handle but still really cute – isn’t that strange in its own right! Well where to start; how about... read more

Cats, rats & rabbits

When I first started photographing pets; really it was dogs that I was thinking of and mostly this was my subject, there were no cats to be seen and definitely nothing smaller. However since I opened my studio at Victoria Vets in Merthyr Tydfil I have been... read more

What’s the dog for you – top 5 tips

This time of year, as summer turns to autumn is a popular time for people to think about increasing the size of their household by adding a beautiful puppy dog to the family. There are many benefits of dog ownership: Companionship, dogs are highly sociable. Home... read more

Photographing Jeremy

I was delighted to be able to photography Jeremy Corbyn when he visited Merthyr Tydfil on the 5th August this year. I was fortunate enough to spend a little time with him in the Redhouse Cymru before he took his position on the speakers stand to address the crowd.... read more

Qualification Award

I recently submitted a panel of dog portraits to the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and was delighted that they awarded me with a licentiate qualification. I do love doing my pet portraiture and in particular I love the dog portraits. I’m looking... read more

Dog Portraiture

Really enjoying doing my dog portraiture. I’ve done a few shoots of dogs just recently and had such fun. I love dogs and its a real joy to photograph them with the view in mind of producing that fantastic “fine Art” statement piece. The look on the... read more

New Website Launched

After months of deliberating my new website is now live! Thanks to Get Lucas for helping me achieve this! Please have a look and send me any feedback.  Enjoy the new site and the ability to now see all of my portfolio in one place!!... read more
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