A little while ago I posted a brief blog on Trevor’s Story. At the time I mentioned that I would follow with the full story. I am doubly pleased to do this now as the story and my images have been published in Your Dog magazine November issue and is about to hit the shelves right now 🙂
So… here it is, I hope you enjoy:
Victoria Vets see many happy cases, but all too often some very sad ones.
This is Trevor’s story.
On a busy Monday morning an emergency call was received at Victoria Vets. A dog had been dumped in a garden – the poor animal was in a very poorly state. On arrival at the surgery it became quickly apparent that the dog was unable to walk. A scan for a microchip revealed there was none. On examination things looked bleak, he was a very elderly dog with a large tumour and open wounds to his back, which had become infested with maggots, eating away at him.
With no means of identifying an owner, his future did not look bright. But even with all his problems, his sweet personality shone through. He was such a gentle soul who craved human company, his gaze communicating a plea for help.
Decision made! We had to, at the very least try to give this special lad a chance. Trevor responded to the treatment that he received and gradually started to get back on his feet. The reason he couldn’t walk when he came to the clinic was simply exhaustion. We were well aware that due to his age and medical condition, it was going to be a lot to ask of any rescue centre to consider taking him in, due to their limited funding.
After a fruitless search to get him a place, we were becoming concerned for his future.
At this point one of the staff remembered that a long-term client at Victoria Vets, actually ran an animal sanctuary, Ty’r Capel, which dealt with golden oldies! We contacted the owner of the self-funded sanctuary Sheryl Paterson. She has single handedly run the Ty’r Capel Animal Sanctuary for twenty-five years. To our delight, she immediately agreed to come and see him.
Love at first sight!! Sheryl fell immediately in love with him and we think Trevor felt the same. Sheryl took him that same day, padding out her car with numerous quilts to make the journey as comfortable as possible for this wonderful old gent. Once settled at the sanctuary she introduced him to the other seniors. Trevor quickly made friends with them all.
Since taking on Trevor, Ty’r Capel has paid to treat his conditions so they are manageable. His skin on his back has healed and he had a brand new haircut! Sheryl reports that his favourite pastimes include washing the other dogs and chewing his bedding! Now, he is loving, gentle, happy and content.
Victoria Vets are truly grateful to Ty’r Capel Animal Sanctuary for taking on the dog that stole all our hearts. The sanctuary is totally reliant on the generosity and hard work of its founder, Sheryl Paterson plus charitable donations for all of its funding, so, we decided to hold an event to raise money to help care for the numerous golden oldies in Sheryl’s care.
We opted for an organized charity walk aptly named “Trevor’s Walk”. What could be nicer than a summers walk in mid August!
The walk was scheduled for and completed last Saturday the 20th August. However cometh the day the heavens opened with heavy rain all day, never the less, both our staff and clients braved the elements and completed the event, walking a distance of 5 miles. All the walkers, human and dogs were duly drenched but spirits remained high and we completed the event with a smile on our faces. Although the walk was too long for Trevor, he was there at the start and the finish and basked in all the attention!
After the walk Sheryl said:
“So far we have raised over £700, with £205 being raised on the day. Money is still coming in, so who knows what figure we will reach.
As a sanctuary for elderly dogs my job would be impossible without the backing of a great veterinary practice. Victoria vets provide so much more than wonderful care for my animals, as last weeks sponsored walk will show. Time and time again they support my elderly dogs and me. Raising funds and awareness of what I do here. I cannot thank them enough, a special thank you to all who did the walk, and all those who donated both on the day and otherwise.”
If you would like to help you can make a donation direct to Ty’r Capel tyrcapelsanctuary@hotmail.com, or by posting to Ty’r Capel sanctuary, Coed Cae, Tirphil, New Tredegar. NP24 6HJ.

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