What a fabulous December I had this year, photographing your pets for Christmas.

A busy Month:

It was a really busy month, but I enjoyed every minute of it photographing lots of different dogs and cats at my studio in Victoria Vets. With the added benefit of making lovely new friends along the way. The variety of dogs that I had the pleasure to work with was huge, from Coco the wonderful little miniature Dachshund to a beautiful rescue springer spaniel called Fudge.

Trials & tribulation:

Fudge was rescued by a lovely RSPCA inspector when he was young and has lived with her ever since. Fudge is an old boy now, he has lived most of his life with 3 legs due to a car accident when he was young; before he was rescued. He may have lost a leg, but he hasn’t lost any of his personality, energy and enthusiasm for life!

Its a wonderful life:

Dogs have a wonderful perspective on life, always positive, always caring, thoughtful and wanting to please. We could all learn a lot from dogs if we just took some time, watched them and listened to what they have to say.
What could you learn from your best friend? Have a look, take note of what they are telling you – you may be surprised.

Till next post, take care.