I was delighted to be able to photography Jeremy Corbyn when he visited Merthyr Tydfil on the 5th August this year.

I was fortunate enough to spend a little time with him in the Redhouse Cymru before he took his position on the speakers stand to address the crowd. within the short time that we had I was able to take a portrait of Jeremy. I must say that he is a really nice, polite and charming man – a gentleman.

From my experience of the short time that I had with him, I found him to be quite inspirational – the representation that we typically see on the television news feeds are nowhere near like the man I met. He has presence, commitment to his beliefs and very strong morale purpose.

When he took the stand and spoke, I was in a prime spot within the press stand as I was covering the event – he really went on to clearly demonstrate the leadership qualities that he does have! He spoke with accuracy, fluency and the timing of a master of his craft. His local knowledge and understanding of his audience was flawless.

All in all, for me a very positive experience. Whatever your political views and standing may be, I am quite sure that if you ever get the opportunity to meet and spend some time with Jeremy that you will find him to be both delightful and inspiring, and the richer you will be for it.



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