I was recently in Turin, Italy working on a project when I unexpectedly received a free half day. This was a nice little surprise, so I took full advantage and filled my time strolling around the city centre – camera in hand – people watching in Turin.

Turin is steeped with history and fine architecture, but within this there is a very cosmopolitan feel to the city; rich with diversity of people from many different origins. However, one thing that pretty much everyone had in common, regardless of their background, ethnicity, religion or what ever…. they all have a deep, close and meaningful relationship with their mobile phone – except that is, the old man in the book stall.

The city is bustling and busy, but still retains a surreal calmness. Turin, or Turino as it is known locally has several wonderfully impressive piazzas, the most impressive being Piazza San Carlo.

This is of course only my opinion.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find several very nice little parks, little green and pleasant spots, an oasis

of peacefulness in an otherwise busy and noisy city.

There were plenty of people enjoying these little city gardens,

relaxing, enjoying some quiet time, catching up with friends.

There were lots of people ‘dog walking’ in these spots too and I was delighted to see that chic Italians get embarrassed by their elegant pets in such places, just the same as we do…

 … thank goodness for poop bags!

So, below are the 24 pictures I took during my little Turino respite, funnily enough, just about the same amount as a roll of film in the old days – enjoy

(As always, I love to get your feedback and comments).