Really enjoying doing my dog portraiture. I’ve done a few shoots of dogs just recently and had such fun. I love dogs and its a real joy to photograph them with the view in mind of producing that fantastic “fine Art” statement piece. The look on the owners face and the sheer sense of pride that they feel when they see the final piece is amazing and its what makes it such a valuable experience for everyone.

Its great fun, everyone in the family dives in and gets involved; this automatically happens as the dog becomes the producer of the show – and believe me thats exactly what happens.

People ask what should they do to prepare for this special and rare event – their much loved furry friends portrait.

So here’s the secret: give them a brush, a lovely big hug and have an open mind. Oh and lots of patience because you have to go with the doggy schedule. Follow this guide and the results will be awesome.

I hope you enjoy the images 🙂untitled-6 untitled-9 untitled-8 untitled-29