Get to know me …

I‘m a family man through and though, married to my wonderful and ever patient wife since I was 25, blessed with three beautiful daughters; we are a very close and tight knit family.
I love all the visual arts and have been deeply interested in photography since my early 20’s, in fact I’m rarely seen without camera in hand.
I cut my teeth on film and had a couple of Olympus OM cameras then, which I loved.
I lost my passion for photography for a while when I was very focused on carving out a professional career within automotive manufacturing, but I’m truly delighted that I re-found it with the advent of digital. Funnily enough, the early digital era prompted me to start photographing with film again using my trusted OM30 camera.  I persisted with film for quite a long time before converting to digital. I was unwilling to convert until I was convinced that digital could produce the image quality equivalent to 35mm film. I am now a true convert to digital and I use a canon 5d mark II system with L series lenses.

Other interests that I have been deeply involved in are:
Karate, I achieved black belt 2nd Dan and was fortunate enough to be selected to represent Wales on a number of occasions.
Scuba diving, I achieved open water instructor level. I love diving and still dive, I particularly love being able to combine diving and photography – I love under water photography, take a look at my Instagram or Pinterest page and you’ll see some.

I love people and especially children. I also like animals very much I have had a number of close doggy friends who have lived with us over the years. At the moment we have two dogs living with us, Lily a little terrier that we rescued and Betsie who is a cocker-poo. I recently lost Bas who was an English setter; he was my best friend ever. He was 13 when he had to leave us.

So I  hope that now you feel you know a little more about me.

Take care,

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